Local Government & Planning


Abetz Curtis Lawyers act for a number of Councils throughout Tasmania. Our lawyers appear regularly before tribunals and Courts concerning planning appeals and Scheme amendments. We have vast experience in advising on Planning Scheme compliance and preparation of development applications ,and opposition to developments.

We are experienced in dispute resolution in all areas of local government and planning. Our services include:

  • Advice to Councils on Local Government Act and all other relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Planning Schemes – advice on all aspects.
  • Development applications.
  • Resource Management Planning Appeal Tribunal.
  • Planning Commission.
  • Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act.
  • Water rights.
  • Existing use rights.
  • Heritage matters.
  • Part IVA Agreements


Roger Curtis
Managing Director
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Laura Michaelson
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Article: Council Meeting Procedure: Closed Meetings (PDF)
Author: Roger Curtis
Date Published: 24 March 2014

Article: Deemed Approvals: the effect of Dorset Council v Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal [2014] TASSC 34 (PDF)
Author: Roger Curtis
Date Published: 3 October 2014

Article: Planning Enforcement Under New LUPA Act Provisions (PDF)
Author: Roger Curtis
Date Published: 6 July 2015

Article: The Problem with Managing an Ongoing Risk on Development Land (PDF)
Author: Roger Curtis
Date Published: 3 June 2016